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 on the ice at Nestlenook 24x36 on canvas  $1500
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Misty woodland path 18x24 canvas $700
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Misty trees 18x24 on canvas
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Nautical and seascape paintings
Winter covered bridge 12x24 $500
Shoreline and landscape painting
Rocky spring path 12x24 on canvas $500
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Clear River winter 30X40  $2500
Summer court yard 30X40  $2500
Nantucket Moon Gate 30X40 $2500
Bear mountain path 18X24  $700
Winter yellow house 12X24  $500
The end of the road 18X24  $700
Quite stream !8X24  $700
Afternoon mountain light 18X24  SOLD
Cannon mountain afternoon 12X24  $500
Along the Kancamagus 12X24  $500
Eagle and mountain fog 18X34  $700
Rocky mountain lake 18X24  $700
Forest light 12X24  $500
Quiet fall road 18X24 SOLD
Barn on fall road 18X24  $700
Barn in soft afternoon light 12X24  $500
Sunset beach house 30X40 SOLD
Allen Hollis bridge 12X24  $500
Woodland farm 18X24  SOLD
November frost 12X23  $500
Late afternoon winter barn 15X30  &1200
Winter magic 18X24  $700
Mountain farm  18X24  $700
Old showy barn 18X24  $700
Woodland glory 18X24  $700
Epiphone Broadway guitar (REFLECTION) painting by yours truly. Comes with hardshell case
D'Angelico guitar (Mountian river) Comes with a hardshell case

Gretsch Electromatic (Woodland) Comes with hardshell case

Scroll down for guitars

Fall snow 12X24  $500
Old truck and flowers 18X24  $700
Skyline path 18X24  $700
Woodland lily pond 18X24  $700
Woodland whisper 30X40  $2500
Roadside woodland barn 30X40  $2800
Trees among the mist 18X24  $700
A walk in the snow 12X24  $500
Mountain woods barn 18X24  $700
Mountain farmhouse 18X36  $1200
Fall path to home  12X24  $500
September in Vermont  18X24  $700
Path by the lake 12X24  $500
Quiet walk among the trees 16X24  $700
Walk in the woods 18X24  $700
October stream 18X24  $700
October woodland falls 18X24  $700
Sunlit snow trail 18X24  $700
Afternoon glow 12X24  $500