Still Life Gallery
Epiphone Broadway guitar 18X36  $1500
Gibson guitars with flag 24X36   $2000
Martin & Gretsch guitars 24X36 $1500
1930 Packard 18X36  SOLD
Gretsch guitars and Harley  18X24  $800
Violin and lamp 18X24  sold
Duck lamp and bow 18X24  $800
Cadillac and guitars  24X36  $2000
Violin and Mandolin Harp 15X30  $1200
Violin and mandolin 15X30  $1200
Apples in crystal 15X30  $1200
Duessenberg 1932 Model J 18x36 $1500 
Cadillac on the road 15X30  $1200
Abstract number two 24X30 $1200
Abstract On Eagles Wlngs 18X24  $700
Abstract number four 18x24  $700
& Abstract
Abstract number one NFS
Jazz in abstract 30x40 $3000 
Left over paint NFS
Color force 11X14  $300
Field Daisies 15X30  $800
Springtime flowers 11X14  $300
PRS guitar at rest 30X40 $3000